Molokini, Maui's
best dive location..
A nature preserve with over
200' visibility and over 450
different species of fish.
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maui scuba diving,
     The day starts at 7:30a.m. where you meet at the Kihei Boat Ramp, we return at about noon. After check-in (bring your C-Card) We will provide you with whatever gear you need. We have full-length or shorty wetsuits, silicone masks, fins, Aqualung B.C.'s, Aqualung regulators, Aluminum 80's, and weight belts.
The Kihei Boat Ramp, complete with parking, has an excellent restroom, and showers. After launching we cruise down the S. Maui coastline as the sun rises behind Haleakala, our 10,000' volcano.

        With over 15 years of running charters here in Maui our experience is that you really can't preplan what dives we are going to do until you check the conditions, every day is different. We love requests and make every effort to fulfill them. After offering all the options, we head to our first divesite. With over 8 different dives at Molokini and over 20 different sites along the S. Maui coastline we have many to choose from.

MOLOKINI is a crescent shaped islet located about 5 miles from the Kihei Boat Ramp.
     The island is a total nature preserve with over 450 different species of tropical fish of which over 25% are endemic to Hawaii and about 20% of those are found ONLY in Molokini. Situated as it is, this far offshore, we often see pelagics (large skipjack tuna, manta rays, dolphins, white tip sharks, barracuda, and the occasional whale shark-the biggest fish in the ocean and even the extremely rare Hawaiian Monk Seal) Other animals include; Octopus, Frogfish, over 7 different kinds of Eels, Lobsters- spiny, shovel-and the Hawaiian Lobster which looks like a baby Maine Lobster, Sea Cucumbers, Urchins and on and on.
     Once we decide on a dive-site, we provide a very thorough briefing covering literally everything from equipment orientation, hand signals, buddy-teams, safety stops, entry and exit, and answer all your questions before we begin. We understand that some of you haven't dove in a while and we make every effort to make you completely comfortable before we begin.
     After the first dive we relax and enjoy the warm Maui sun, provide you with refreshments, fruit, and deli sandwiches. Typically we do our second dive near the S. Maui coastline. These dives are usually drift dives in 45' or less water. This coastline offers some incredible diversity, with even more different sealife, like Green Sea Turtles, Eagle rays, schools of reef fish, live rock, small caves, archways, and a large variety of hard corals. It is not unusual to get more than 1 hour of bottom time on this dive. So, come and join us for an unforgettable day on Maui's beautiful ocean.

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